Effective digital campaigns

Effective digital campaigns are a combination of several elements that include a good quality website, SEO, newsletter marketing, social campaigns, etc. We analyse your needs and show you how to maximise your reach.


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Looking for an affordable starting point? We have the all-in-one package that gets you online presence with a world class website, emails and hosting.        

We have all the tools to enhance your website. If you need to add tailored forms, news systems, galleries, etc. to your website, we can set it up for you.




Small or new businesses don’t need to spend large upfront sums

You also don’t want to deal with all the technical language - you want someone to provide an affordable, high quality website that can grow with your business. This is the all-in-one package for you - One fee for everything you need, at world class quality. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.


The Package Includes:

    Registration Fee     Once-off, domain registration www.yourwebsite.co.ls     services-websites
    Annual Renewal Fee     Renew domain name after 12 months    
    Monthly Hosting Fee     Monthly hosting & marketing services    
    Unlimited Email Addresses     Unlimited email addresses This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    
    Server Space / Traffic     200mb / 500mb    
    Artwork And Design     Artwork design as per request    
    Proof Reading     Proof reading of copy    
    Tailored Website Design     Development of 1-5 page website (valued at over M5,000)    
    Front Page Rotating Gallery     Media rich interactive front page    
    Contact Us Form     Email form details to your chosen email address    
    Google Maps Integration     Linked to Google maps    
    Website Profile Writing     Editing and rewriting of existing profile    
    Fax To Email     FREE fax number (converting fax received to email)    
    Client Access     Login and update access for clients - with tutorials    
    Mobile Friendly Site     Sites are responsive and mobile friendly    
    Design and Marketing Services     FREE 1 hour per month towards any service we offer    
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.co.ls / .org.ls / .co.tv


.com / .net / .co.za / .org / .info / .biz / .mobi

Registration / Renewal Fee  -  M450.00 per annum


Monthly Hosting Fee  -  M150.00 per month


OR,  All-inclusive Pre-payment of  M2,100.00 per annum


Registration / Renewal Fee  -  M220.00 per annum


Monthly Hosting Fee  -  M150.00 per month


OR,  All-inclusive Pre-payment of  M1,870.00 per annum




Frequently Asked Questions:


No editing charges: Many designers do not allow you to edit your website - each change costs you. We provide 1 hour free management per month valued at M500.00 - We also provide training so you can make changes yourself at no cost.

No contracts: We do not hold you to any long term contracts - it's month to month (pay as you use), simply give us one month notice.

Transferring/redesigning current Website: Many businesses want the benefits and move their domain - simply inform us and we will guide you through the process. You can also leave email hosting with the current host and we can just host the website, it’s up to you - the fee is the same.

No logo: We will build a temporary professionals filler into your site and replace it when your logo is ready.

Not ready:  If you want to do more work on your profile but want a domain/ email to start using immediately Complete Step 1.

Need more than the Small Business Package offer? Please see the many additional products we offer that you can add to your website. Please request a quote for the advanced additions you require.




Enhanced websites and digital marketing services

Whether you are a large corporate organisation or expanding small business the goal is to continuously develop your website so it always has the relevant and latest information your market and clients need. We provide a host of feature rich services that make the job easier to manage in-house or expand on as the site adapts to client demands. These include downloads, catalogues, news management systems, eCommerce shops, downloadable documents and more. The aim is to give the potential client all the resources they need to take action, learn more about the company or pick up the phone and begin the next stage of the communication process. The digital experience is not just about the website, it also extends into marketing campaigns to improve SEO (Google ranking), newsletter marketing, social integration etc.
We will show you how to  get the potential client to take action - every marketers ultimate goal.


    Advanced Websites    
Tailored sites for, Real Estate, Vehicles, Corporates, etc.
      Banner advertising integration
Sell space to advertisers and track traffic to your site.
      Blog System
Share articles with your audience, connect articles to social networks. 
We set up and link Google calendar, maps and other apps to your website
      Digital Flip Publication
Digital Catalog/Brochure/Magazine
accessed via your website
      Directory / Phone Book    
Directory for various groups and members to register and list
    Downloadable Documents    
Share files with visitors and clients via your website downloads section
      ECommerce Online Shop
Setup of payment gateway via Paypal or other payment gateways.
      ECommerce  Catalogue
ECommerce product enquiry system

Elearning LMS
ELearning LMS to record tests, create forums, manage learners etc

      Email Signatures
Clickable signature linked to website and social pages
      Email Newsletter
Design of newsletter (See Marketing and Advertising for campaigns)
    Flash animations / Training
Animations for demos, tutorials etc, extremely effective for eLearning
Collect data for orders, bookings, feedback and any other data
      Interactive Organogram

Clickable Organogram linked to sites, pages, documents etc

    Live Broadcast Video Feed
Communicate with members via private or public feed on your website

Live Feeds
Publish tweets or Facebook content to your website from your mobile etc

      Mobile Friendly Sites
Responsive sites adapted for mobile devices, tablets and desktops
    News systems
News management and publishing system with archiving and more ...
      Newsletters Campaign
See Marketing and Advertising for campaign set up
      Parked Domain
Reserved domain on your behalf (excluded from free hour)

Photo Gallery
Photo gallery setup with how to guide for uploading


Social networking systems
Your very own Facebook style social networking platform for communities

      Social Links Set up
Link Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc  to your website and email newsletter.
    Ticket systems / Help Desk
Manage client enquiries
      Video Gallery
Share existing  videos such as demonstrations, news, profiles etc
      Visitor Counter
Count the number of visitors to your site

Integration (exchange rates, weather, stock prices) etc

      Youtube channel & video upload
Connected to website - see Branding & Design for video production